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Exploring the Open Road: Top 10 Most Scenic RV Routes in Central Texas

Are you planning an RV journey in Central Texas? You've come to the right place. As an RV park located in the heart of Whitney, Texas, we're perfectly situated to guide you on an unforgettable adventure. We'll introduce you to some of the most scenic drives in Texas that every RVer must experience.

  1. Texas Hill Country Loop: Begin your journey from our RV park and drive into the heart of Texas Hill Country. This route offers stunning vistas of rolling hills, sparkling rivers, and vibrant wildflowers. Ideal for a springtime RV trip!

  2. Highway 281 to Burnet: Experience the beauty of bluebonnets in bloom on this scenic highway. The town of Burnet, officially recognized as the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas, is a sight to behold in the spring.

  3. Willow City Loop: Nestled between Fredericksburg and Llano, this 13-mile route is a hidden gem. The journey unveils a unique landscape of rugged hills and serene valleys.

  4. The El Camino Real Highway (Highway 21): This historic trail connects San Marcos and Nacogdoches, meandering through beautiful parks and historic sites. A step back in time!

  5. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area: Take a detour to this pink granite dome located north of Fredericksburg. The climb is steep, but the panoramic views are worth every bit of effort.

  6. The River Road (FM 170): Considered one of Texas' most scenic drives, this route offers stunning views of the Rio Grande and Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains.

  7. Highway 83 through the Texas Hill Country: Highway 83 slices right through the heart of the Hill Country, providing an in-depth view of this region's picturesque landscape.

  8. Park Road 4: This 30-mile scenic drive between Burnet and Marble Falls will take you past Inks Lake State Park and Longhorn Cavern State Park.

  9. Highway 16 from Llano to Fredericksburg: This winding route showcases Central Texas' rugged beauty, highlighting its granite hills and serene river valleys.

  10. The Devil’s Backbone (RM 32): This scenic route along a limestone ridge offers expansive vistas of the Blanco River Valley and the surrounding Hill Country.

Whitney, Texas, is your gateway to these stunning RV routes in Central Texas. Each road leads to an adventure packed with breathtaking views, charming towns, and fascinating history. So pack up your RV, book your spot at our park, and prepare for the road trip of a lifetime!

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